FOVEA: software

Inrimage format

This is the format of the FOVEA 3D images that was developed at INRIA. It is composed of a 256 characters header followed by the image raw data.

The header contains the following information:

• the image dimensions
• number of values per pixel (or voxel)
• the type of coding (integer, float)
• the size of the coding in bits
• the type of machine that coded the information: Sun, Dec, Intel.

An example of an image file:

Yav++: a 3D image visualization and processing software


This C++ library offers a suite of functionalities for the processing and visualization of 3D images and geometric meshes. On top of the library, a Graphical User Interface based on OpenGL and Tcl/TK, allows to apply most available algorithms interactively but also to build dedicated applications through the use of Tcl scripting language. In order to ease its development, the library has been designed in a hierarchical and modular fashion. The main modules include:

This software has been developed under the supervision of Hervé Delingette in the EPIDAURE Project at INRIA Sophia Antipolis.