FOVEA: fossil 3D data

First acquisition campaign, September 2003

3D data acquisition were performed in the CT-Scan Department of the Sainte Marguerite hospital in Marseille, France (Professor Agostini). Fifteen casts of prehistoric or Middle-Age hominids were scanned. All these casts are from the collection of the Laboratory of Anthropology.

Individuals have been selected in order to have one for each type.

3D images have been acquired by a Général Electric LightSpeed 16 device and stored in DICOM format. Acquisition parameters are the following:

Miss Ples (STS 5)Australopithecus africanus- 2.5 / - 2 MyFemaleSouth Africa (Sterkfontein)
KNM-ER 1470Homo rudolfensis- 1.8 My?Kenya(Kooby Fora)
KNM-ER 1813Homo habilis- 1.9 My?Kenya (Kooby Fora)
KNM-ER 3733Homo ergaster- 1.75 MyMaleKenya (Kooby Fora)
OH 9Homo ergaster- 1.2 My?Tanzania (Olduvaï)
PetralonaHomo heidelbergensis- 350,000 yearsMaleGreece(Petralona)
Sima de los Huesos 5Homo heidelbergensis- 250,000 yearsMaleSpain (Atapuerca)
Ngawi 1Homo erectus- 1 My / - 50,000 years?Indonesia (Java)
Sambungmacan 3Homo erectus- 1 My / - 50,000 years?Indonesia (Java)
Broken Hill 1 (Kabwe)Homo rhodesiensis- 200,000 yearsMaleZambia (Kabwe)
Neandertal 1Homo neanderthalensis- 80,000 yearsMaleGermany (Neandertal)
Monte Circeo 1 (Guattari)Homo neanderthalensis- 50,000 yearsMaleItaly (Rome)
Mme PataudHomo sapiens- 20,000 yearsFemaleFrance (abri Pataud)
NDB 130Homo sapiensMiddle-AgeFemaleFrance
NDB 268Homo sapiensMiddle-AgeMaleFrance